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I’m hooked.

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you are the hero of your own story // show me a hero and i’ll write you a tragedy

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Imagine makoto slowly breaking as he watches haruka become closer with rin. 

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#the script said that dean stares at them with a ‘wtf’ face right#this…#this is not a ‘wtf’ face

#that is an i love you face and i am jealous face 

#oh my god#all the feelings#and cas’s face#he doesn’t even remember dean#but there’s SOMETHING in his eyes#because deep in the pit of his stomach he feels an ache#and it’s like something was missing and suddenly it’s back#and he didn’t even know anything was missing before#and now he feels like his bursting at the seams#like he can’t contain all of the emotions in him#and he doesn’t understand where it’s coming from#or why this beautiful stranger is causing such a reaction in him

#I literally can’t fucking handle their acting in this whole scene #what they both put into it FROM BOTH SIDES #or the fact that they CHANGED PARTS OF THE FUCKING SCRIPT #to show what’s really happening between them #fucking tell me they don’t know or don’t care #tell me I’m seeing things #I fucking dare you #better yet#tell that to these two #because they’re the ones making this happen #in this case - literally. (silvenhorror)

I feel kind of shy reblogging this again with my own tags BUT I finally figured out what Dean’s expression looks like to me.

It looks like long ago, he had his heart ripped out of his chest, but now it suddenly got shoved back in and it hurts.

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kill  me

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[x] leviathan!cas → requested by raisedcas

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nicknames: european countries

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Since us bisexuals, asexuals, and pansexuals don’t exist, laws do not apply
Rob a fucking bank, if you don’t exist they can’t arrest you

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"My victory means nothing. I doesn’t count as a win." 

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