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a Joss Whedon film

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Lydia, you go with Stiles.

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you are unique x
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Please, just, see me…

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME[4/10] celebrity crushes

➝ Dylan Sprayberry

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i have a week off from work, so i am being nice to you!!

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Asylum of the Daleks

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Where am I?
Nowhere good.

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are u fucking kidding me what the fuck is wrong with interviewers these days

nonononono what is wrong is not how close they are or whatever

he’s asking chris evans to objectify scarlett right in front of her, that’s fucking disgusting

Yeah, but Chris’s answer, the elbows? Is hilarious, IMO.

Chris’ answer is him clearly trying to diffuse the situation. look at his face in the first gif when Scarlett looks at him, he’s like “Yeah, I know that was super sexist I’m sorry this happened but I’ll try to make it better. Okay, here we go… ELBOWS.”
And then Scarlett is clearly playing along in order to resist the urge to get out of her seat and roundhouse kick the interviewer.

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ilhooniess replied to your post “Name 5 things that make you happy c:”

*coughs* what friends. JOKES ILY <3

erm that doesnt actually include you… awkies (jks jks ily2)

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Reblog if it’s okay to start talking to you.

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Name 5 things that make you happy c:

ooh hi!!


1. My friends

2. My dog

3. The fact I can swim pretty well

4. Dancing ridiculously in my room to walking on sunshine

5. Food tbh :)

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